Swardman Lawn Mower Reviews

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swardman lawn mower reviewsFounded in 2013, Swardman is a manufacturer based out of the Czech Republic and produces unique cylinder lawnmowers for home use. The company is very proud of its strict quality control and says that each product goes through rigorous testing to ensure the brand’s high standard – making them one of, in our opinion, the best lawn mower brands of all time. The company has a niche market in the United States, Australia and some EU countries, gaining new followers on a slow but steady rate due to their “built like a tank” lawn mowers that last a lifetime. Let’s take a look at their most popular unit below!

Review of Swardman Lawn Mower

Our Swardman lawn mower review takes an in-depth look at their most popular model – the Edwin 2.0.

Swardman Edwin 2.0 Gas Reel Mower

The Swardman Edwin 2.0 has an interesting, compact design and had a body that is made mostly of metal ensuring that the product is going to last for a long time. I like the fact that there is a bare minimum number of plastic parts used. The mower is powered by a 4-stroke Kawasaki OHV engine, known for its longevity and reliability. The mower glides on the lawn smoothly and silently and the company claims that it is the world’s most silent gas-powered mower.

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  • An all-metal chassis that is designed to last
  • Powerful 4-stroke Kawasaki OHV engine
  • 22-inch cutting width
  • You can even “build” your own custom mower on their website, from choosing the accessories to rollers, grassbox, handlebars to even a color range that extends to over 200!
  • Cruise control, reverse function and speed regulation controlled via 5 control buttons
  • Large, 10-liter grass box


  • Very silent operation, the company claims to make the most silent gas-driven mowers
  • Very compact design; can maneuver in tight spaces easily
  • Full customizability, additional interchangeable cartridges such as verticutter, rotary brush, scarifier and blade reels (can be bought separately from the manufacturer’s website)
  • Very easy to maintain, the mower can be brushed off or a leaf blower can be used to clean grass clippings
  • The blades can be sharpened via Swardman’s reel cartridge service
  • Can get really close to the edge


  • Some customers say that the handle has a little flex on it and it may take a while getting used to it
  • Other customers feel that the mower has a tough learning curve

Final Word

Producing powerful, silent and extremely rugged lawn mowers, Swardman is sure to continue to grow a loyal following – and it’s well deserved too. If you want a unit that performs beautifully well and lasts a lifetime, a Swardman lawn mower is the right choice!

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