Best Lawn Mower for Zoysia Grass

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best lawn mower for zoysia grassThe color and texture of Zoysia grass make it a popular choice for lawns. Zoysia grass is very resilient and can handle the heat, heavy foot traffic and salt. However, despite being versatile and robust, it can be quite difficult to maintain zoysia grass – this is why using only the very best lawn mowers for zoysia grass is so important. Now even though we’ve already taken a look at our personal top picks for the best lawn mowers in general, in this article we’ll be taking a look at the ones that really excel on this specific task. But first, let’s learn a bit about Zoysia!

Origin of Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass belongs to a family of turfgrasses that are warm seasoned and they originally come from the Orient. The 3 species of zoysia grass are japonica, tenuifolia and matrella. All the other types of zoysia grass such as Cashmere and Emerald have been synthesized from the basic species. Zoysia grass traits include:

  • Uniform color
  • Slow and steady growth
  • Drought resistance
  • Salt resistance

How to Maintain a Zoysia Grass Lawn

To get a lovely green zoysia grass lawn, you need to fill it with around 1 inch of water every week. When the grass reaches around 3 inches in height, you should mow and trim it to around 1-2 inches. Zoysia grass should be kept longer in the fall and shorter in spring. If you wait until the grass grows very high, then you could end up slicing into their stems instead of the leaf.

As long as the mowing is according to the schedule, you can put the grass clippings back onto the zoysia lawn, which will act as a natural nitrogen fertilizer. You can either top dress the lawn with 1/4th-inch topsoil or you can run the lawn over with a dethatcher is the thatch beings to build up. You must take care not to mow the zoysia grass when it is wet because this can cause fungus and disease that causes brown spots.

What’s the Best Lawn Mower for Zoysia Grass?

So, the question is which is the best lawn mower for zoysia grass? Rotary lawnmowers are equipped mostly with 2-cycle or 4-cycle gas-powered engines. They have helicopter-like blades which use potent force to chop the tops of the grass off with great effectiveness and with unmatched ease. In contrast, reel mowers cut the grass with manual power alone – even though they do a great job and are super simple, it’s not the best option for larger fields due to the great strain it can produce.

Although you can mow zoysia grass with either a rotary or a reel mower, usually, it is recommended that you use a rotary mower for medium to large lawns and a reel mower for small to medium ones due to the reasons presented above. For rotary mowers, we like to recommend the most popular type of all – the walk-behind, especially of the self-propelled variety. Since they move on their own, you just have to guide them to achieve a perfect cut, sparing you a whole lot of time and effort. For smaller lawns though, a push mower is a solid choice.

Now even though all of these types are excellent choices, you need to get a great machine to get golden results, and we’ve already found the top choices of each style for you! The best mowers for Zoysia grass prevent clumps, clipping and scalping, ensuring your Zoysia looks like a beautiful green carpet.

Check out the top choices on the market by reading our lists below:

Best Walk-Behind Mowers Best Reel Mowers

For extra-large lawns, you should also consider a riding mower – they turn a huge task into a very fast one and deliver unmatched comfort and results. They’re especially good for Zoysia grass since this type of grass can easily endure wheels and heavy traffic.

Best Riding Mowers

What’s the Best Height for Zoysia Grass

Sometimes, the growth of your zoysia lawn may spiral out of control and it’s harder to give it a smooth cut so always remember to keep it continuously at an appropriate height. However, despite the length of the grass, you must not cut more than 1/3rd of its height. Experts recommend using the 2-blade system, wherein for every 6-8 cuttings, the blades are changed for a backup while the used ones get sharpened – then you repeat. You can and should use a rotary mower to maintain your zoysia grass lawn, as we’ve seen above, however, always be sure to get adequate blades to boot since Zoysia grass is tougher than most other grasses (like Cashmere or El Toro).

Final Word

Your lawn is the pride of your home and mowing your Zoysia grass lawn with a great walk-behind or reel mower can help you have a beautiful and well-manicured carpet of rich and gorgeous green grass. Thanks as always for reading and enjoy your stunning Zoysia grass lawn!

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  1. Fantastic guide Joe, really needed this as I just started growing Zoysia all over my lawn last year. Highly appreciate your words of wisdom!

    1. Hey Paulie, it’s my pleasure to help and I’m sure your Zoysia field will be green and growing into a beautiful lawn. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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